Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alternatives, To Do With Shrimp, To Shrimp Salad

I'm going to do something a bit different with this post, in that I don't give you a recipe of a tasty shrimp salad but instead present a lot of alternatives to do with the shrimp.

You can make shrimp scampi, which is often done with butter, garlic, green onions, white wine, lemon juice and some more stuff. Another recipe is about the same but including vermouth. Yet another recipe of shrimp scampi includes baked shrimo - or, rather, the usual shrimp is baked - and you hav melted butter and parsley.

You can grill or broil shrimp - which might work together with garlic. You marinate it in lemon or lime, first.

You can grill your shrimp. Before grilling it, yo marinate the shrimp in a mix of lemon juice, green onions and some more.

Something called garlic shrimp is an easy skillet shrimp - where you take butter, parsley, lemon, olive oil and other stuff.

Red Peppers Shrimp is a recipe where you use butter, sherry, scallions, parsley, garlic, red ell peppers and seasonings. It's a sauté.

After seasoning the shrimp, you batter it - with cream, cornmeal, flour and egg - in a recipe that is called southern fried shrimp. This is a very simply recipe - that's easy to do.

There's a shrimp recipe where you use garlic, stewed tomatoes, wine, peppers and tabasco sauce - to name a few - which is called cajun shrimp. It's said to be tasteful.

There's actually a shrimp recipe where coconut is used. Here you dip the shrimp in a mix of curry powder and coconut, after you have battered it. Then you deep fry it. You serve it with a sweet sour sauce.

There's a shrimp salad recipe that includes celery, onion, mayonnaise and lemon juice. You can take, together with this, romaine lettuce and avocado- or tomato slices.

There's a shrimp recipe where you actually wrap the shrimp in bacon. You wrap it in bacon, then broil it. Other than bacon, there's salt, garlic powder and shrimp in this recipe.

There's a pasta salad de shrimp where you use celery, green onions, tomatoes and macarones - and, together with that, yoghurt, spicy mustard and other stuff.

Something called shrimp jambalaya is where you use shrimp, tomaties, rice, some ham and garlic and other vegetable stuff.

Pesto sauce, garlic, parmesan cheese and cream is used in a certain recipe. You serve it with cooked red bell pepper strips, snow peas and pasta.

I hope that, when it comes to alternatives to doing the regular shrimp salad, that what I have said here really helps you out!

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